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Internet Marketing How To Recruit With Words

Internet Marketing

I just pulled this question out of the grab bag about Internet Marketing and what follows is money in the bank and recruits in your business.  The answer to the question below will certainly be something you’ll want to save and refer back to . . .


I have a question regarding internet marketing style sales letters.  My company does not currently have that type of sales letter in its system that is used to convert prospects into signups. I am thinking about creating one, and I am looking for a little advice.

Should the sales letter be focused on the marketing and training system I have created for my team, or more about the benefits of my specific company or both? If you were going to create a sales page for your business how would you go about doing it?”

My Response:

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Best Way To Build A MLM Network Marketing Home Business

There are several ways to build a MLM, Network Marketing Home business.

The way that many of the Top 150 income earners in the world made their home business fortunes was though home parties. Talking one-on-one works but that is the slow path to success. Think about it,  people love to get together, to congregate, party and entertain so how natural is it to build a home business utilizing a method that people already love to do? Read the rest of Best Way To Build A MLM Network Marketing Home Business »

What should I look for in a home business opportunity?


Do you understand how to place the proper value on a home business opportunity?

Where can you find a business that will invest the time in your education, your personal development and building your own business?

Here are some of the key components I suggest you look for if you are considering starting your own home business.

Huge Expanding Market-

Is the company expanding into new markets? Is the product evergreen (like coffee)? Is there a high demand for it? Can my business grow indefinitely?

Unique and Consumable product:

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Postcards a Quick Way to More Sales

Postcards—A Quick Way to More Sales

…5 reasons to look at this marketing strategy.

Need To Give Your Business a Quick Lift? Need a quick way to get more sales? Want a simple way of

keeping in contact with your customers?  Need a new lead generation tool? Take another look at postcard marketing.

A few years back, people predicted the internet and e-mailing would rule the marketing world. They forgot to factor spam and e-mail filters into the mix.  After a dip in direct mailing volume, postcard marketing is once again increasing in numbers.

This article invites you to see how postcard marketing can improve your bottom line. I will give you five reasons why this proven low-tech tool can make a difference in your business results. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of post card marketing!

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